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Welcome to JV Impacts where our mission is "To Impact Someone's Life Every Single Day." My name is John Vasquez, and I am the owner of JV Impacts. We impact lives through Success Coaching, Podcasting, Books, and our Weekly Newsletters

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I recently spoke on the Mark Asher Business Leader Segment on Money Radio in Phoenix, AZ. It was a blast. I spoke about my new book Roids To Riches and the You Must Believe Way of Life success system I created. Take a listen!

Success Coaching

Top athletes, executives, and business owners often have a coach or a mentor. This is what changed the game for me!  As I worked to accomplish my stretch goals, I always had a mentor, coach, or someone who would be honest with me.  This person lead me in the right direction. As your success coach, I will be working with you weekly to make sure you stay on track.  I will give you the tools and encouragement to get over your road blocks and hurdles.


JV Impacts Podcast

I am here to inspire you to go from Ordinary to Extraordinary! Every weekday I have quick and to the point motivational messages to get you fired up! We have Motivation Monday, Health Topic Tuesday, Hump Day Wednesday, Life Topic Thursday, and Fired Up Friday! Take a listen to some of our episodes, but make sure you subscribe to the show on iTunes or Stitcher.

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