Roids To Riches

The Fall and Rise of a Spiritual Man

by John J. Vasquez

Roids to Riches is a biography of John J Vasquez falling from grace. He found himself deep in the clutches of the underworld. This world, had him fighting for his life and fighting to regain what he had lost. John takes the reader on a journey from a clean cut kid to a full blown addict.

John shows the struggles of hiding an addiction, working to regain his self-worth, and ultimately getting his life back. He finds himself deep in a sphere of drugs, bodybuilding, and a life that seemed impossible to escape

You Must Believe Way of Life

How to set and accomplish any goal you set your mind to

by John J. Vasquez

The You Must Believe Way of Life can help you reach success in all aspects of life. It is not easy to become successful and accomplish great things; it takes sacrifice, hard work, support, and most of all a plan to get there.

So welcome to your new life, a new way of thinking and a life that will have you being so grateful for all the things and abundance coming your way! Welcome to the You Must Believe Way of Life!

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